Once in a Blue Moon…

‘Once in a blue moon’ a term often used in the English language to describe a rare occurrence, is exactly why you should watch tonight’s full moon.

The ‘Honey Moon’

I had no idea that tonight was going to be a full moon night, let alone a special full moon. Having come across this article on Gizmodo’s blog SPLOID, I wondered what was so special about tonight’s full moon.

Here is what’s special about it:

  1. It will be the biggest full moon in 18 years, meaning that the moon will be closest to the earth than it has ever been in the past few years
  2. It is one of the rare full moons to fall on Friday the 13th.

You don’t have to be in a particular city to witness this happen. If you are surrounded by clouds or in a city where you cant see much of the moon, don’t worry, the online astronomical website Slooh has you covered. They are doing a live broadcast of this event.

Where you are will determine how you are able to see this event. It is supposed to start at 4:11 Universal time on July 12th = 9:11 Pacific Standard time on July 12th = 9:41 am Indian Standard Time on July 13th.


Why Honey?

Full credit to Gizmodo for explaining this:

“This Friday the 13th will be extra-beautiful (or creepy, depending on your perspective) because this month’s full moon coincides with its perigee—when it’s closest to earth during its orbit—so it will appear super large on the horizon. Pair that with the June summer solstice—when the sun cuts its highest path in the sky—and a smattering of atmospheric dust and pollution, and the whole thing will give off an amber—or “honey”—hue.”

There is conflicting information online on when this will happen again. Some say 45 years while other 85. Heck by the next time this happens on Friday the 13th (will be in the year 2098), most of us reading this blog won’t be alive to witness it so you might as well grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to get married or to propose to your girlfriend or to make that career switch you have been wanting for a while now.


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