Stanley who?

I never really cared much about Ice hockey. Still don’t. But living in Los Angeles when the local Ice Hockey team makes it to the NHL finals, makes you notice all the buzz around you. There is your colleague who shows up to work in a King’s jersey while some others are keeping tabs on their whiteboards along with yet another group of people who are talking about it in close proximity to you.

All this made me wonder why is it that the cup is called Stanley Cup and not George cup or Alexander cup? Who was this Stanley guy and what was his contribution to this sport called Ice Hockey?

It was indeed a big disappointment for me to find out that Lord Stanley had never played or witnessed a professional ice hockey game in his lifetime. The cup is named so because Lord Stanley of Preston, the then Governor General of Canada commissioned it for a challenge cup that he proposed be held every year due to high interest among the local people.

The original bowl was made of silver and is 18.5 centimetres (7.28 inches) in height and 29 centimetres (11.42 inches) in diameter. The current Stanley Cup, topped with a copy of the original bowl, is made of a silver and nickel alloy; it has a height of 89.54 centimetres (35.25 inches) and weighs 15.5 kilograms (34.5 lb / 2 st 6½ lb). This trophy has since served as the epicenter of what we now call the National Hockey League.


Since its evolution, there have been three different versions of the Stanley cup. The third version is what we currently see being awarded to the winners of the National Hockey League every year with the names of the winning team being engraved one of the rings of the Cup.


Although, I do think that it would look more magnificent and lordly if it were inverted. Don’t you think so?


The stanley cup indeed has an exciting history. If the Stanley cup could tell its stories, it would have the best stories to share having been to so many places and having been used as a multipurpose object.

As I write this, the L.A. Kings are busy trying to win their 2nd Stanley cup in three years. Go Kings! Go!


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