What the Yo?

Combine the letters Y and O with a mobile app and what do you get? 1.2 million USD in funding. If the fact that they have an app for something so simple doesn’t get you, the crazy funding that it received will. It left me scratching my head!


The meteoric rise of Yo!

As you read this, you might even be one of the millions of users that are currently using an app that was originally created to be used as a quick call for a secretary. For 1.2 million U$D, I was expecting a lot more tons more. Having lost sleep over this article, I had to try and find a more convincing reason to justify such crazy funding! Google again didn’t disappoint

Two biggest takeaways from this journey from me was:

  1. Never judge a book by its cover: I had heard this saying countless times before but this was a prime example of how it played out. TechCrunch hints that in the future, the App might be used as a S.O.S. call. Imagine getting the customer care to help you out with a push of a button! Now that is definitely a dream come true! The premise of Yo, is bigger than what it was originally set out for.
  2. No matter how small or crazy your idea is, if you have the dream to work towards it, then anything is possible: Started as a gimmick and released on April Fool’s even the creator believed it was a waste of time and an embarrassment at first.

And it doesn’t end here!

The very next day, it got hacked by a group of Georgia Tech students. Talk about climbing to the top just to be toppled over the very next moment.

From Yo-Yo to Yo-Mamma to just Yo! What’s next?


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