Of Columbus and Potato Salads…

It’s been a while, wordpress!

You can blame it on the 2014 Soccer World Cup which had more drama than the Indian saas-bahu soaps (do they even exist these days?) this time around! But I have not been sitting idle! I learned plenty of new things during the last month, some of which I am going to blurb on…


Christopher Columbus didn’t just discover America but rather through the discovery, created a phenomena which is now known as ‘Columbusing’

Columbusing is discovering something that has existed long before you were aware of it. Miley Cyrus columbused twerking. I columbused ‘Columbusing.’

A term originally coined by College Humor that did a funny skit (columbusing’ which went viral! Also, the word hasn’t made its way to the Merriam Webster’s online dictionary but you can surely find it all over the internet.

Most Expensive Potato Salad!

Well not really. But it surely was the most ridiculous kickstarter campaign that I have ever come across. After this, Zach Danger Brown is going down in the Kickstarter Hall of Fame as the best salesman ever period.

This is what I learned from the potato salad guy…

  1. Never judge a book by its cover: Zach Danger Brown, a name that suits a gang member more than a potato salad maker but if only potato salads could kill…
  2. Ridiculous? What’s that? – Never discard an idea without giving it a try. Just by the sound of it, the idea to use Kickstarter to raise just 10$ for a potato salad is as ridiculous as it gets but that didn’t stop Zach Brown from doing it.
  3. The 3H Principle: Honesty, Humor and Humbleness – Zach not only does a really good job of being honest (“We’re really tearing through these stretch goals. I honestly don’t know what is realistic anymore”) and humble (“It’s my first potato salad so it might not be very good”)in his campaign but he also uses Humor brilliantly to engage his audience.
  4. 2 words: Constant Communication. I have been following this campaign since I first heard about it and the creator of the campaign has been posting updates on his campaign as well as participating in other media platforms to answer questions and give updates regarding his plans with the funds he has raised.
  5. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: I am already aware of this one but just wanted to point it out. Keeping it simple and to the point helps raise 50,000$ when you only asked for 10.

Why 9-1-1?

To understand why, you will have to first picture the old school landline telephones that had dials in the center to dial the numbers.


This was what I played telephone-telephone with as a kid when I visited my grandparents (those were the days…).

For starters, I am not quite convinced with the reason: ‘It was easy to dial’ when you consider the fact that 1 is on the other end of the spectrum and you had to roll it down all the way to the bottom (not once but twice!), therefore not the quickest and the easiest number to dial. Why not 9-9-8? Or 9-9-9?

Digging further, apparently 9-1-1 was the best fit for all parties/stakeholders involved: It was easily recognizable and at that time had never been used as an office code, area code or service code.


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