Where is Elvis?

If I were to ask you that question, depending on your personality your response could be:

  1. Staring at me with an expression that says ‘What kind of question is that? Heaven…’
  2. “Let me check my pockets..”
  3. Throw up your hands in the air and say “leave me alone”

If you have been in America long enough, you have probably at least once while you were here, dragged yourself to a 50’s diner only to find a statue of Elvis lurking on the property.


In fact, Elvis never left the building!

Try as hard as I might, i wasn’t able to find the history behind this phenomenon and like any other normal human being, I would like to take this moment to put all the blame on Google. This blog post, which was supposed to be written right before the new years was delayed because google refused to give me any answers.







Since there is nothing on google, I have taken the liberty to make my own reasons…

  1. Medusa is real and Elvis, being the hero he is decided to take on Medusa.
  2. Elvis was naïve enough to ask from god, the ability to be at multiple places at once…
  3. Irate fans who are having trouble letting go of the fact that they could come nowhere close to Elvis in his lifetime decided to take their revenge
  4. These statues are enslaved Elvis impersonators whom god is punishing for plagiarizing…
  5. Elvis was big back in the 50’s, so were the diners…
  6. This is Elvis suffering for his sins
  7. He has all this money and nothing better to do with it

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