Five novelties from last week

Doing a post everyday was becoming challenging, so I decided to take a new approach and write a short summary of different things I learnt about over the week. Here is what I stumbled upon over this past week:

  1. dis·com·bob·u·late

A mouthful of a word. Not sure if I would ever use it, except it might be useful when I am arguing with someone to confuse them for the word itself means ‘to upset and confuse’. What better place to use it than in an argument eh?

  1. 52 countries and counting?

Probably the best thing I came across this week. I love to travel and I was totally unaware that as an Indian citizen, there are actually countries that I could visit without worry about getting a visa! Thanks to this infographic, which led me to a quest for the list of the 52 countries. It might not be an impressive list, but there are some really cool places we can go to as Indians without requiring a pre-issued visa. If you are ever interested and want to know which countries you can visit visa-free, search for ‘visamapper’, a website that lets you see a visual of where you do and don’t need a visa. I am hoping this list not just grows but grows rapidly,


  1. Estonian E-citizenship

Here is why I am hopeful about the list above growing rapidly: Taavi Kafka, the man behind e-citizenship idea. Talk about transcending boundaries. What this man and the Estonian government is about to do is so radical that it turns the idea of nations as a physical space on its head. On a side note, I had no idea nations had CIO’s (more research needed on this). No pun intended but this idea knows no boundaries and might usher us into a new era if successfully pulled off by Estonia. Talk about technology making the world a smaller place!

  1. White Toilet Paper

As I was trying to stock up on toilet paper, I couldn’t help but notice that they are all white. Which, surprisingly enough I had never noticed before this past week. Off all colors why white? So that you can vividly see what you produced? Ugghh! So I decided to do some ‘dunging’

Everything has a reason behind it and so does this. It wasn’t very hard to find out why ‘White’ is the preferred color. I know this has probably created a flurry many more questions and doubts in your mind so I am just going to redirect you to this self-proclaimed ultimate guide on toilet paper. You possibly couldn’t have anything more interesting to do than this….

  1. American Flag History


With this weekend being Independence Day weekend for Americans all around the world, it was almost impossible to avoid coming across all things American. Having lived in this country for a few years now, it was only fair that I knew some of its history and what better way than to start with the history of its flag. Plus, now I can actually wear a pair of shorts with the American flag on it and not feel guilty about it.

America! Fuck Yeah!!


P.S. Yes, I know what novelty means. English can be a funny language sometimes…