A Wave of Hair and Eggs

The (Mexican) wave

I recently saw Manchester United take on LA Galaxy in Pasadena and having brought tickets for the game, I got to relive and participate in the Mexican wave. If you watch or attend games, you are familiar with what it is. For those of you who have no idea, here is a YouTube clip of the biggest wave ever recorded

During the game I heard the person behind me tell his friend that it’s actually called the Mexican wave because it was invented in Mexico. Only, the Americans like to call it a Wave. That didn’t come as a surprise considering America likes doing things differently (Soccer instead of Football, Not using the Metric System) just because they are America.

The origins/discovery of the wave is highly disputed and cannot be pointed to a single person. It is known as Mexican wave to the rest of the world because the rest of the world first got exposed to it during the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico.

What’s in the hair?

A lot to begin with, depending on who you ask how you ask. Never and let me emphasize this NEVER ask a woman if she is having a bad hair day directly. Especially if she is trying out something new with her hair. I figured that out this past Wednesday…the hard way!

For the latter half of that day, it felt like I was transported into the ‘Peter’ from the movie ‘Office Space.’

If only they gave out memos regarding this. This whole episode was in Mr. Neil Armstrong’s own words, ‘One step for me but one giant leap for my character’ or to put it simply, let’s just say that I climbed a step towards becoming a ‘Gentle’ man.

The hen that lays the golden eggs

Whenever I am buying eggs, I have a hard time deciding whether to buy brown eggs or the white ones. Just by virtue of being brown, you would think it should be easy but then you look at the price…

So I decided to ask my best friend (aka ‘Google’) about the difference between the two. Before I tell you, I want you to take a guess….







And the answer is:

Brown eggs are brown. White eggs are white.

Don’t worry, I am as surprised as you are. Classic example of over thinking something, although you might not be alone. The general belief is that because brown eggs are higher priced, they are healthier.

Waiting for the day when people start believing that red hens taste better or are healthier than white ones…